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AOVO K9 Electric Scooter


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Elevate your adventure with the AOVO®K9 Electric Scooter, a powerhouse designed for the thrill-seekers and the efficiency hunters alike. Crafted from durable magnesium alloy and equipped with cutting-edge technology, the AOVO®K9 redefines what it means to navigate the urban jungle and beyond.

Boasting an 800W motor with a peak power of 1100W, this scooter is not just about getting you from point A to point B; it’s about delivering an exhilarating ride every time, with a top speed of 45KM/H and the capability to tackle inclines up to 35° effortlessly. Whether you’re cruising through city streets or adventuring off-road, the 10-inch tires provide the traction and stability needed for a variety of terrains.

Safety and comfort are paramount in the design of the AOVO®K9. Equipped with both front and rear PU suspension, it ensures a smooth ride, absorbing the bumps and shocks of uneven paths. Visibility is enhanced with a LED high-brightness front light and a rear LED tail light, making sure you’re seen at all times of the day.

The scooter’s robust battery, a 48V 15.6Ah powerhouse, supports a remarkable range of 50-60KM, ensuring that your adventures can go further with a single charge. The charging time of 5-7 hours means your scooter will be ready to go when you are, with minimal downtime.

Not just built for performance, the AOVO®K9 is also a marvel in design and convenience. Its open size of 120x53x126cm and a fold size of 1205357cm, combined with a net weight of 22KG, make it both spacious when in use and compact when stored. The scooter features an IPX5 waterproof level, ensuring durability in various weather conditions.

One of the AOVO®K9’s most innovative features is its APP RC security lock, offering peace of mind with enhanced security at your fingertips. Available in black, silver, and yellow, it allows personalisation to suit your style. The scooter’s atmosphere light adds an extra layer of aesthetic appeal, lighting up your path with style.

Designed for riders between 120-200cm in height and capable of supporting a load range up to 120KG, the AOVO®K9 is inclusive, accommodating a wide range of users. Whether you’re commuting, exploring, or just enjoying the ride, the AOVO®K9 electric scooter is your companion for a thrilling, efficient, and secure journey.


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AOVO K9 Electric Scooter

Original price was: £685.00.Current price is: £660.00.

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