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The Aitour Electric Tricycle – Heal Middle is your dependable companion for all your daily adventures. Engineered with cutting-edge anti-tilt technology for self-balancing, it provides an unmatched level of safety and stability, ensuring peace of mind on every journey. The addition of “Innova” reflective tires enhances visibility under any condition, further securing your travels at any time of day or night.

This electric tricycle is thoughtfully equipped with a Shimano Nexus 3-speed gear system, offering you the flexibility to tailor your riding pace to your personal preference. Whether you’re cruising through city streets or taking on gentle hills, the ability to adjust your speed effortlessly makes every ride a pleasure and invites you to savour the joy of the journey.

Designed with slightly taller riders in mind, the Heal Middle offers a comfortable and accommodating fit compared to the Heal Mini. This attention to rider height ensures that everyone can find their perfect match within the Aitour range, making electric tricycling accessible and enjoyable for a broader audience.

Choose the Aitour Electric Tricycle – Heal Middle for its blend of innovative safety features, customizable speed settings, and a design tailored to provide a more comfortable fit for taller individuals. It’s more than just a mode of transportation; it’s a way to enrich your daily travels with ease, safety, and joy.


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