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Embark on every adventure with assurance on the Aitour Cargo Bike – Family S. This cutting-edge three-wheeler isn’t just a mode of transport; it’s your reliable companion for unforgettable family journeys. Boasting a sleek, straight cargo box design, it melds convenience with cost-efficiency, making exploration seamlessly stylish.

At the heart of the Aitour Cargo Bike is its advanced motor system, equipped with an adaptive torque sensor. This innovation delivers impressive energy efficiency while ensuring you have the power to tackle any terrain. The motor’s ability to produce up to 120NM of torque means steep inclines and long distances become effortless conquests.

Safety is paramount, which is why the Family S features a top-tier braking system. Incorporating German-engineered dampers and Taiwanese Hydraulic Disc brakes, it promises quick, stable stops and a hill-hold parking system to keep you and your precious cargo secure on any incline.

Designed with families in mind, the cargo bike comfortably accommodates up to four children. Its marine-grade, UV-resistant cargo box is not just a testament to durability but also to environmental consciousness. Plus, with a frame that’s passed rigorous TUV high-intensity testing, this bike is as robust as it is reliable.

Choose the Aitour Cargo Bike – Family S for your next family adventure. Experience the blend of performance, safety, and style as you navigate the great outdoors with your loved ones.


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